Brielle is growing up so fast I can hardly keep up!  She started sitting up last week and is so much happier now with her new "view" on things.  She had her first bites of big girl food on 
Tuesday (8.21.12) and enjoyed some yummy Avocado which she LOVED! She has yet to be a difficult little baby in anything!  She's giggling, smiling, and babbling all day long.  She loves her noisy toys the most and wants to get her hands on anything and EVERYTHING that we have.  She is so much fun and we can't seem to get enough of her.  She's giggling, smiling, and babbling all day long.

Goin' for a swim with momma

We went to Arizona for Memorial Day weekend... 
had a blast and Brielle got to meet her THATCHER cousins. 
We went swimming, to a Diamond Backs game, shopping, 4wheeling, bbq-ing...
Never a dull moment at the Holyoak home. 

Brielle Loves Her Daddy!

The Best Daddy in the Whole World!!

3 months

Who DOES this little girl look like?

Her Daddy?? (my vote)Or Her Momma?? I like to think my jeans are shining through SOMEWHERE in this cute little girl! :)  But let's be honest... she is her daddy's clone!

Love when she looks up at us with her big beautiful blue eyes!
Lovin her great grandparents!!
Brielle's started smiling back at us. It is so fun and makes us fall in love with her even more! Her fun little noises, her big blue eyes, and big gummy smile ... it's easy to love this little girl!
I can't believe this little girl is a month old already! Bri is such a little angel and we have so much fun with her! She is the perfect baby and a perfect addition to our little family.

4 weeks - Tummy time!
She is getting so big and has gotten so strong too!
She did not fuss at all on her tummy... she did try to suck up her blanket a few times
but other than that,another successful milestone!
Love this little lady!!

Brielle took a bottle for the 1st time at 3 1/2 weeks. She has proven to be the best little girl ever!! We could not be more in love with our sweet little girl!! Bryce loved this... and she didn't take her eyes off him for a second.

Trial and Error

Trial and Error seems to be the theme of our lives these days.
Lessons we've learned thus far:
  • she's the boss
  • life slows down
  • getting all the laundry done in one day is a major accomplishment
  • be quick when changing the diaper (or you'll end up changing a lot more than just that)
  • if you hold your baby 24/7, you'll HAVE TO 24/7 :)
  • It really is impossible to get enough of her!
  • no matter how tricky you think you are, she knows you're sitting, not standing
  • Bryce is the best dad (not surprised)
  • homemade lullabies are the best!
  • you can live off less sleep than you think
  • talking on my cell phone is a thing of the past
  • what I eat DOES matter (old wives tale or not)
  • sudden flailing of her arms and legs while she sleeps is normal?
  • the love we have for this little girl is far greater than ever thought possible

40 weeks of pregnancy and you get this??

Cant get enough of our little girl!!